MCG I SNS designs seamless physical experiences tailored to their client’s individuality, combining principles of great design with a clear vision for the experience they seek to create.  The designers consider each new project an opportunity to bring a unique and powerful story to life.

Playing with space, form, texture, and light, they develop a visual experience that seeks to compel and inspire.  MCG I SNS believes that great design works on multiple levels, weaving together bold design moves and striking details to ensure that when completed, each project makes an immediate and lasting impact.  Extensive research and analysis of each project assure unique and appropriate narratives that captivate and inspire from overall statement through to finely crafted details.

We take a holistic approach to design that encompasses the formation of interiors and exteriors, landscape concepts and master planning.  Our work demonstrates a passion for cultural engagement, and we are committed to design responses with a strong sense of place.  MCG I SNS team has proven to be fluent in many stylistic idioms and has an innate ability to adapt to diverse project vernacular with clarity and fluidity of execution.