Conceptual Master Planning

We believe that to create a contextually responsive design there must be a holistic approach to the strategy for all components of the project.  This approach should promote diversity of function, activity, style, choice and opportunity within an overall vision.

It must also focus on careful interplay of architecture and interior design, including landscape, public and private spaces, the totality and intimacy inherit within a unified overall development.  MCG I SNS has extensive experience in developing strong conceptual master plans that synthesise the complexities and opportunities of context.

Metaverse Experience & Ecology

MCG I SNS aims to define and implement the new values of architecture in this digital age.  We extend the Design Frontier to the Digital World, thinking everyone should be empowered to shape their own Metaverse experience.  Blockchain-based real estate in the virtual world and the associated platforms allow us to leverage our design skills in the physical world and to extend that into the virtual world.

We are committed to integrating ground breaking art & architecture with cutting edge technology, enabling us to reinvent how we experience architecture and interior space and to build a richer Metaverse architectural ecology.  MCG I SNS acts as the bridge between the physical and virtual world, aims to explore the limitless possibilities of AR, VR, XR, blockchain, and digital architecture in all its forms.

In shaping our Metaverse ecosystem that connects people from all walks of life to an open and accessible virtual world which unified under up-coming Meta World architecture standards to allow design to enable crossing of multiple Metaverse with Single Standards.  This collaboration will go beyond boundaries of different Metaverse, developers and content creators to enrich this new immersive experience.  We create unique designs backed with NFT architect components for people who like to collect one-of-a-kind assets, creating a collection of original and virtual architectural content that will blow your mind, enabling us to treachery and engage the fast-growing global VR audiences and at the same time can cross the Virtual World into the real World.


MCG I SNS ‘s approach is not simply about making big gestures.  We nurture and develop every size of project and all its elements, until the details complement and enhance the whole.  The approach that has delivered our transformational buildings is at the heart of all our projects, large and small; they are affirming, uniquely conceived for our clients, and beautiful.  We use our skills to develop the key spatial architecture upon which to build our interiors, but also to develop strong architectural concepts throughout a project.

We are passionate about embedding both social and environmental factors into our architecture to evolve the mixed-use typology towards achieving sustainable and highly liveable cities of the future.  We engage our skills and knowledge to create a high-yet-attainable standard of living for everyone.  This involves devising an array of architectural typologies and innovative responses that mitigate construction costs and optimize utility, devising smart solutions that render our work more sustainable, adaptable and accommodating, for its current and its future users.  Ultimately, good architecture is one that is both supportive and nurturing, of people, of place, and of society.

Interior Design

Interior design is the core of MCG I SNS ‘s studio.  Our interiors are shaped by the development of a strong architectural base and a strong conceptual story.  Whether in a hotel lobby, a restaurant, or a private residence, we seek to create meaning and connection through a distinct sense of place.

Using this understanding of place we develop complete interior proposals and custom designs to create distinctive aesthetic outcomes.  The essence of our spaces, spirit and soul, are both fundamental in our creative journey.  We believe our projects impress guests not only on their first visit, but with each return visit, surprising and inspiring through their refinement, depth and substance.

Specialist F&B Design

Successful food and beverage design requires specialist knowledge and experience of hotel operations and the food and beverage industry.  MCG I SNS has a vast portfolio of highly successful F&B projects that attest to our expertise in the area.